Impact Lighting Inc.'s FLEX LED NEON

Flexible Color Light Profiles, solid or color changing. More energy efficient, durable and powerful. The best alternative to neon with superior technology that lasts for many years to come.

Glowflex LED Neon Alternative “ULTRA-216”

Impact Lighting Inc.'s ULTRA-216

ONE POWERFUL WALL WASHER LED Stainless Steel Fixture for architectural applications.

“LED “ULTRA-216”

Impact Lighting Inc.'s ION-CUBE

Powerful Color Changing Outdoor Wall Wash Illuminator

twilight star kits ION-CUBE

Impact Lighting, Inc. STAR PANEL SYSTEM

State of the art module LED star system that includes a proprietary LED light source that can generate special effects.

Clearform™ Edgelit Acrylic Signs

Impact Lighting Inc. can utilize your logo or custom art into just about all of our products not limited to shelving, lighted furniture and liquor displays using our LED lighting systems.


Introducing New LED MINI Downlights

Impact Mini DownlightPowerful mini 3 Watt designer lights perfect for architectural, commercial and custom star panel applications!

led mini downlights

Residential and Commercial Specialty Rs232 Controlled Lighting

Impact Lighting Advanced Rs232, wifi controller and custom apps give you complete control!

rs232 rs232 wifi system, epic sky technology

LED Step Lighting

Unique lighted stair system for your home or business.

LED step lighting LED step lighting

LED Handrail Lighting

The Epicrail is an indoor/outdoor LED-based handrail that delivers functional illumination.

LED lighted handrails LED lighted handrails

Commercial Lighting

Textured modular led lighted wall panels for commercial and residential applications.

modular wall panel systems


Creating dynamic environments with sound and light with the most powerful controllers on the market today!

music to light interface, serial sound generator

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