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• HYBRID - Heat and impact resistant UV protected diffuser and lens with patented Miro (TM) reflector insert.
• Ballast made with long life components
• InstantON(TM) flicker-free Cold Start and Hot Re-Start
• Correlated Color Temperature of 5000 K for greater visibility
• High Power Factor, Low THD - Replaceable Ballast
• Advanced phosphors for high Lumen Maintenance and high lumen output
• Up to 20 years Maintenance free operation

• Ballast Type: Electronic
• Start Method: InstantON
• Hot Re-start: InstantON
• Universal Input Line Voltage: 120-277 VAC
• Input Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Lamp/Ballast System Life: 100,000 Hrs.
• Lumen Maintenance @75,000Hrs: >70%
• Color Temperature: 5000
• Color Rendering Index (CRI): above 83
• Minimum Starting Temperature: -20 F
• Maximum Operating Temperature: 160 F
• Lamp Operating Frequency: 250 kHz
• Power Factor: > 0.98
• Total Harmonic Distortion: < 10%
• Inrush Current Peak: < 10 Amp
• ETL Listed: Yes
• FCC Compliance: Part 18, Subp. C

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