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While there is a complex science behind light, people intuitively know great light when they see it. Unfortunately for most of us, it's not what we work under one-third of our life. Bad light—such as comes from fluorescents—creates glare, headaches and distorted colors. They cast shadows, flicker and burn out increasing maintenance costs. They are not easy to dim to suit the time of day or the mood you're in.

LED lighting is as close as we can get today to manufactured natural light emitting a light quality close to that of the sun. We call it digital daylight. Working under a more natural light makes employees happier and that positively affects their productivity.

The Lighting Investment

The process of selecting a new lighting system involves a number of different factors that require consideration.

Factors that affect the finances include the cost of the fixtures, installation labor costs, the cost of electricity, lighting rebates and subsidies HVAC load from the lights, and maintenance costs.

Run a payback analysis with our calculator.


People can also be affected by frequent eyestrain, a result of glare caused by the overly bright light sources like a fluorescent lamp. LED lighting provides beautiful, soft light reducing eye strain.

Coefficient of Utilization (CU)

The CU measures how effectively light gets down to the work surface. Impact Lighting Inc. LED fixtures have a "fatter CU" meaning the lights have a wider distribution filling the room with light and allowing it to bathe the walls. This effect also means fewer shadows in the room.


Electricity Charge Comparison Sheet between normal 40W fluorescent tube light and Farstrong
18W LED tube light

Comparison Item
Electricity charge KWH
1PC/12Hr Electricity
1PC/365Days Electricity
1000PCS/Year Electricity
| Year
Normal Fluorescent
tube light
LED tube light


Comparison of Electricity Charge1000PCS/YEAR
Comparison of CO₂Emission 1000PCS/YEAR
Normal Fluorescent light
LED light
Price Difference
Normal Fluorescent Light
LED light
Emission Difference


At its inception, LED technology was used mainly in small-form factor applications like indicator lights. As technological advances were made and the light output increased, LED applications widened and their importance to the overall lighting market has become considerable.

Today's commercial LED fixtures are designed to replace fluorescent technology in ceilings and suspended indoor lighting applications. These fixtures use strips of semiconductor LEDs as the light source and various optical designs channel and diffuse the light.

LEDs provide many advantages over commonly installed light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime and better light distribution.

LEDs use less energy than typical fluorescent fixtures; typically 25%-50% less electricity consumed to deliver the same level of illumination in a space. Heat output is also reduced, resulting in a lower HVAC load. The combination lowers greenhouse gases and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

LEDs work with environmental sensors and are dimmable helping to facilitate LEED credits through the use of digital control systems.

LED fixtures typically have a higher initial cost. This initial investment is typically recovered in 1-3 years and the operating cost savings further shorten the ROI. Lasting 5x longer than typical fluorescents, LEDs dramatically lower maintenance costs, lowering operating expenses, increasing profitability and improving the bottom line.

LEDs eliminate the use of toxic mercury which poses a threat of exposure to hazardous material.

LEDs produce a uniform, voluminous light. The result is a beautiful, soft, light with a high color rendering index (CRI) and minimal shadow.



[01.10] -Impact Lighting Inc. Showroom
Due to an increase demand for our LED residential products, Impact Lighting Inc.has opened a retail showroom at a high end retail shop located in Park Avenue. "This gives our new and current customers a view of our products in a real-world applicable environment" says Eran Benghiat, Director of Marketing. The showroom is located 290 N. Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 (view map)."

[01.10] -International Division
Due to increase quote demand in the Middle East, South America and Europe, Impact Lighting Inc. has opened a international division to serve their international clientele. For more inquiries please contact

[12.09] - Orlando Sentinal: Lighting Up with LEDs
Winter Park business has grown quickly by designing, and building unusual and creative light systems.

[12.09] - Boca Residential Project
Impact Lighting Inc. was hired by Greenough Interiors to fabricate and install a variety of LED products in a residential penthouse project located in Boca Raton, Florida. "We offered a unique, exciting & innovative approach to furniture and floor designs. All of our LED products are suitable for most applications & can be used in combination w/ one another to compliment any custom design", said Allan Santos, Project Manager.

[12.09] - Apopka Orlando Airport
Impact Lighting Inc. has just completed fabricating and installing our LED RGB Minis and LED Thinglow technology at a private airport hanger at Apopka Olando Airport. The project entailed installation of cove, countertop and cabinet LED lighting.

[12.09] -Residential Winter Park Home
Impact Lighting Inc. has just completed fabricating and installing our technology at a residential house in Winter Park, Florida. Dick Styer from American Home Corp. stated that "we chose LEDs for its design and flexibility."

[12.09] - Club Nirvana
Impact Lighting Inc. has completed fabricating and installing a variety of LED design technology and fixtures at Club Nirvan a new lounge dance bar in Orlando, Florida.

[12.09] - Stilettos Ultra Lounge
Impact Lighting Inc. has just began fabricating and installing a variety of LED products and fixtures at a new lounge dance bar in Kissimme, Florida.

[11.09] - MACF
The Manufacturers Association of Central Florida invited Impact Lighting Inc.'s Paul Koren to give a presentation to the heads of the top manufacturers leaders of Central Florida about LEDs and incorporating LED green technology to their headquarters.

[11.09] - Yogurtopia
Impact Lighting Inc. has completed fabricating and installing a variety of LED products and fixtures at Yogurtopia, a new frozen yogurt restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

[11.09] - Florida Hospital, Winter Park
Impact Lighting Inc. just completed installing cove and ceiling lighting using our Ambient Glow LED light bars and Galaxy Starfield Ceiling.

[11.09] - Space Kennedy Center, Cape Canaveral
Impact Lighting Inc. just completed replacing the Xenon cove technology lighting with our Ambient Glow LED light bar at Space Kennedy Center in Cape Canaveral.

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