Impact Lighting Inc. Modular Wall Standard and LED Modular Lit Panels Are out of this World!

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modularORLANDO, FL—In an creative approach to customized 3D wall decoration, Impact Lighting Inc. introduces Galaxy System Design, an eye popping decorative panel, packaged in easy-to-assemble modular kits that save time and labor.

Galaxy System Design modular panels are available in hard coat polyurethane, gypsum, precast concrete and or acrylic with our LED Lighting System.

Ready to install in residential homes, public areas, such as retail stores, commercial centers, restaurants, lounges and clubs. The Galaxy System Design features 24” x 24” panels along with mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions making the panels quick to assemble and highly flexible for new construction or renovations.

The Galaxy System Design panels instantly create a dramatic piece that brings a fresh style and design to a new site or remodels.” As the pioneer of eco-friendly lighting technology Impact Lighting Inc., understands the unique challenges of lighting walls, ceiling and floor surfaces. Galaxy System Design panels combine innovative lighting and offers specialized ambient mood  illumination in any home or commercial project.

Galaxy System Design panels feature an exceptional range of standard patterns and colors as well as LED Color changing capabilities.

Galaxy System Design panels are the newest development from Impact Lighting Inc., an Orlando, FL-based manufacturing company that has provided architectural and design communities with innovative lighting products and custom-fabricated products for more than 10 years. 

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Impact Lighting Inc. has done it again with it's Galaxy Translucent Concrete Line
Light-transmitting concrete known also as translucent concrete is literally the brightest concrete development in recent years. Strands of optical fibers are cast by the thousands into concrete to transmit light, either natural or artificial, into all spaces surrounding the resulting translucent panels. The material can be used in a variety of architectural and interior design applications such as wall, stairs, dividers and fountains.

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modularVince Carter Restaurant Bar & Lounge
You can forget about dining by candlelight. Restaurants are looking to LED lighting to make their establishment shine. Impact Lighting Inc. products were chosen to light the Vince Carter Restaurant Bar and Lounge located in Daytona Fl.

Today many restaurant lounge bars, are streaming into the Solid-State Lighting market. This trend should continue steadily for some time.

Project details:
Thinglow is used to illuminate ceiling coves and back wall panels / Galaxy LED lit floors / Galaxy Acrylic shelves / Galaxy Starfield panels.

Architect Designer : Cuhachi Perteson

Project Manager: Carl Johnson - Impact Lighting Inc.

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modularResidential Waterfall - Private Residence, Palm beach Gardens, FL
A luxury resort-style pool with all the bells and whistles probably doesn't fit most budgets this year. But a wide range of pool upgrades and features are available and gaining popularity in the USA.

From affordable LED lights to Fiber Optic Solutions, these lighting systems are the most popular pool amenities, according to Florida pool builders and remodelers.

Project details:
Visual Aquatics Lit Rainforest Waterfall / Interactive Fiber Optic Volcano along with Fiber Optic lava flow.

Dir. of Sales : Allan Santos - Impact Lighting Inc.
Distributor: Mr. Steve Gerhart - MPS Lighting

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modularUniversal Studios - Harry Potter

Impact Lighting was hired to fabricate and install a variety of special effects, never seen before LED and Fiber Optic lighting was intergrated at the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios Orlando, FL. (Details not available due to a confidentiality agreement)



modularImpact Fountain Glow is the brightest light water feature product line available in the market today, combining our own electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems. Impact Impact Fountain Glow outperforms any lit water feature in the world today by virtue of its brightness and distance. Impact Fountain Glow will be available in the market in Fall 2010. (specification upon request)


Impact Lighting Inc. Modular Wall Standard and LED Modular Lit Panels Are out of this World!

Impact Lighting Inc. has done it again with it's Galaxy Translucent Concrete Line

Highend Residence Pool Project

Vince Carter Restaurant and Bar/Lounge

Froyos Frozen Yogurt, Orlando, Florida

Froyos, a new Frozen Yogurt store, opened in Orlando Florida, in the Dr. Phillips / Windermere area. Froyos chose Impact Lighting Inc. to incorporate our state of the art Intelligent LED Lighting to illuminate up their new frozen yogurt shop. Restaurant owners are wanting to move away from conventional, incandescent lighting toward a more sustainable, energy-efficient light.

Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida

Full Sail University contracted Acme glass to install Impact Lighting Inc.'s Intelligent LED lighting to illuminate up their new glass entranceway. The LED lights will also incorporate several theatrical animation light shows. More and more campuses around the United States are incorporating more LED lighting for its energy cost savings and accent lighting.

Agave Azul Mexian Restaurant, Orlando, Florida

Restaurant owners are now becoming more aware of the cost savings they will benefit by replacing their current Incandescent and Fluorescent lights with LEDs. Impact Lighting Inc. was chosen by the restaurant owner to incorporate and replace their current lighting with our LED technology. We are also currently updating their other restaurants with our LED Lighting systems.

Florida Hospital

Impact lighting Inc.'s Galaxy Star ceiling was installed along with its LED cove lighting system at Winter Park's Florida Hospital.

Welbourne Building: Front Reception Table

Impact lighting Inc.'s Galaxy Glass panels was installed on the facade of the reception table.

Kobe Steakhouse

Kobe Steakhouse installed Impact Lighting Inc's LED products to illuminate their interior restaurants. The LEDs illuminate a superior and brilliant light quality compared to standard lights and are also energy efficient.

Timbaland Private Luxury Bus

Impact lighting Inc. just completed installing LED lights controlled by a DMX systems that lit up Timbaland's private custom coach tour bus.

Daytona 500: The 5th Turn

Impact lighting Inc. just completed fabricating and installing a 3 Dimensional LED lit signage for 5th Turn pavilion in the Daytona 500. The LED sign uses the latest LED technology which draws 90% less electricity than conventional fluorescent or neon lights. Other benefits of the signage is the safety factor whereby it uses a low voltage lighting system and is much more durable in weight than conventional signs. This signage also illuminates with a superior and brilliant light quality compared to a standard incandescent sign lighting.

Electronic Home Magazine

Impact Lighting Inc. was featured in Electronic House Magazine, the leader of electronic information in North America.

Impact Lighting Inc. Showroom

Due to an increase demand for our LED residential products, Impact Lighting Inc.has opened a retail showroom at a high end retail shop located on Park Avenue. "This gives our new and current customers a view of our products in a real-world applicable environment" says Eran Benghiat, Director of Marketing. The showroom is located at 290 N. Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 (view map)"

International Division

Due to increase quote demand in the Middle East, South America and Europe, Impact Lighting Inc. has opened an international division to serve their international clientele. For more inquiries please contact

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