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The GALAXY COVE - WHITE is an energy efficient white light linear fixture with two color temperature options: 3000K and 4000K which are ideal for coves, backlighting, edge lighting, effect lighting in restaurants, casinos, nightclubs or in numerous other architectural applications or venues. The unique power cable position allows for end-to-end placement of fixtures which provides an optimal even light distribution pattern.


No need for a DMX address writer for the SRC-171 DMX controller. This DMX controller is used for the RGB neon lights and the crystal RGB neon lights. The DMX controller is a 6 channel controller with DMX ranges from 0-255. Channel 1 is red, channel 2 is green, channel 3 is blue, channel 4 is master dimming, channel 5 is strobe speed, and channel 6 is step/transition speed. The SRC-171 DMX controller will run up to 200 feet of RGB neon or RGB crystal neon lights. The SRC181 is UL listed for indoor use.


  • RGB LED NEON-FLEX cover all advantages of single color LEDNEON-FLEX, for example, high and even brightness, Long lifetime and durability, energy saving, flexibility, safety, transport able and easy to install.
  • Controlled with our special designed controller, RGB LEDNEON-FLEX can present 7 different colors (RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, PURPLE, CYAN, WHITE) changing effects,The output of RGB LEDs are mixed and diffused to produce different colors.
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Impact’s LED Neon™ for the first time can now be viewed as direct replacement to traditional glass Neon.

The increased lumen output is a direct result of using high quality materials, high brightness LEDs coupled with an enhanced PVC mixture used in the main housing extrusion process. This optical
gain enhancing PVC increases homogenization of the light effect which translates the maximum amount of lumens consistently delivered to the surface of the LED Neon™.

In comparison to white glass neon, the luminous efficacy of white achieves an equivalent brightness of 36.1Lm/W while using 6.6 times less energy. The Lumens efficacy and power consumption of the primary colors red, green, blue, Orange and yellow LED Neon™ are significantly comparable to glass neon as well.

LED Neon™ colors include White, Warm White, Ultra-Warm White, Red, Yellow, Amber,Orange, Blue, Green and Hot Pink.


  • UL/CUL listed
  • Consistent and Stringent Wavelength control standards +/-5nm
  • New Ultrabright LEDs
  • Flexible
  • Unique PVC double jacket design
  • White PVC Base Layer to increase luminosity
  • Durability, Impact Resistant.
  • Weather Resistant
  • Low Voltage Options
  • Low Heat
  • Longer Life
  • Easy to Install
  • Extremely Low Maintenance Costs
  • 70% less energy consumption of glass neon
  • Does not interfere with Video/Audio systems nearby
  • 2 year Warranty
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Impact’s Ultra-Thin LED Neon™ is above and beyond! No bend radius from left to right, you can bend the Ultra-Thin as tight as you like!

LED Neon™ Ultra-Thin delivers all the features and benefits of LED Neon™ with a smaller form to facilitate additional applications. Ultra-thin LED Neon™ technological core is a versatile PCB with the latest in SMD LED technology.

Warning: Due to the limitations of PCB Ribbon, Ultra-Thin LED Neon™ can only bend Left & Right, Up & Down will fracture the internal ribbons tracks.


  • Covered under a 2 year warranty
  • Extremely flexible
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Minimal heat output (Safe to the touch)
  • No mercury or harmful toxins
  • No maintenance costs
  • Long life (Up to 60,000 hours)
  • Low voltage or line voltage options
  • Uniform light output w/ neon brightness
  • Energy efficient (70% less then glass neon)
  • Easy to install (Cuttable on location)
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