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ThinGlow™ LED illumination system is broadly used for general illumination within commercial and residential applications. The ThinGlow™ is incredibly versatile and its ease of install makes it an excellent and economical choice for cove, under/over cabinet, toe kick, display case, light boxes, accent, back lighting, stairway, and other illumination applications.

ThinGlow™ uses a continuous flexible conductor carrier to electronically connect the LED modules, which can be mounted to any finished surface with its adhesive backing that covers 100% of the strips backing. ThinGlow line is the only LED system in the industry with replaceable LED modules.

• Decoration for ceiling, wall, and contour marking
• Elegant interior decoration
• Backlight for advertising signs
• Signal lighting
• Indoor display

• Use high brightness PLCC-2 SMD LEDs as lighting source
• Even light with 120° viewing angle
• Available in various colors
• Highly flexible material, enabling application to all accessible surfaces
• Convenient connector between two strips
• Each strip is 1 feet (18 LEDs) long, which can be cut into segments at the cutting mark
• 30 ft (30 strips) in each reel
• UL and ROHS compliant

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