Endglow Fiber Optic Cable

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Product Info

OPTI-PURE™ End Emitting Cable is multi-strand fibers protected in a flexible PVC jacket for ease of handling and fiber protection.

OPTI-PURE™ End Emitting Cable is ideal for use with architectural lighting fixtures, landscape fixtures, watertight lenses, star floor pool, feature lights and OPTI-PURE™ End emitting signage.


  • Heat Free Illumination
  • Flexible
  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe Neon Alternative
  • Color Changing Capability
  • Low Maintenance

Application: OPTI-PURE™ End emitting cable is made up of .030”/ 0.75mm Diameter pmma acrylic optical fibers twisted (op42,op84, op126 only) within a flexible clear jacket. The fibers are twisted around a highly reflective PVC internal core that offers flexible stability with maximum light output.

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