Sideglow Fiber Optic Cable

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Product Info

Opti-Pure™ side emitting cable is a safe alternative to neon. It can change colors and is virtually unbreakable and is energy efficient.

OPTI-PURE™ Side Emitting Cable Suitable for interior and exterior applications, Opti-Pure™ Sideglow® cable is UV protected and has an exterior jacket that is algaecide and fungicide treated for maximum durability against the elements.


  • Heat Free Illumination
  • Flexible
  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe Neon Alternative
  • Color Changing Capability
  • Low Maintenance

ApplicationSideglow® cable is strong enough for amusement park rides, extreme cold weather as well as underwater applications. With no heat or electricity in the cable, typical lighting design restrictions are eliminated, creating a multitude of design possibilities.

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