ThinGlow™ Flexible LED Tape Lights


Transform Your Space

ThinGlow™ Flexible LED light strips are used for many applications. Cove Lighting adds an aesthetic accent and extra depth to your star ceiling.

Choose white for a classic look, or use Epic’s RF controller to choose from thousands of colors and programs. If you have a star ceiling and other light accessories our Advanced-Pro will control them all individually with a custom app on your iPad or iPhone.

The mood of cove lighting can be subtle or dramatic. Illuminating your ceiling instantly makes your room look larger.
Changing the color, temperature and brightness of cove lighting can instantly create a warm and relaxing, formal and cool, or colorful & exciting space.

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ThinGlow FAQ

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> RGB-5050-30
> RGB-5050-60
> RGBX-5050-30
> RGBX-5050-60
> WW-2538-60
> WW-2538-240
> CW-2538-60
> CW-2538-240