StoneGlow™ RGBW LED Sheet

Set your mood and illuminate Your Space with StoneGlow™

  • RGBW LED Sheets – Perfect for Countertops and Architectural Fixtures.

  • RGBW Dimmable LED Sheet for Custom Backlighting Solutions – 12×24 Inch ( 2 sq ft )

  • Flexible LED sheet with plug and play connectors that you can cut to fit any shape.

  • Simply cut a sheet of StoneGlow™ to size at the job site for a perfect fit for your project!


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Create Stunning Back-lit Designs: Ideal for back-lighting translucent material like “Onyx” for counter tops, wall art, display cases, and custom lighting fixtures.
Easy to Install: With 3M peel and stick backing installation is quick and versatile.
Even Glow Lighting Effects: Included clear rubber spacers, lift and support the material you are back-lighting by half an inch, creating even and diffused effects.

4-in-1 RGB + 3000K Warm White
Ideal for backlighting translucent materials like “Onyx”
Up to 1000Lm output performance per sheet
Available in 12”H x 24”W – (2 sq ft ) sheet size
Field Cuttable On Site for custom fit.
Built-in terminal ports make it easy to run power from any side
Spacers included, to lift and support material 1/2 ” to create even lighting.
3M peel and stick backing for easy install.


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